Battle Station Barrage pack
Awesome pack of 6 barrage fireworks each with different colours and effects.

New from Bright Sky fireworks - The Battlestation Pack contains six different aerial barrages firing a total of 112 shots. As each firework is different the Battlestation pack makes either an ideal add on to boost a display or it can be used on its own for a short spectacular display of aerial fireworks. Not only are the effects in each firework different but you get two sizes of fireworks in the Battlestation pack. There are four sixteen shot cakes and two 24 shot cakes.

  • 1 x Fighter Patrol 24 shots, red, white, green, purple, blue and crackles.
  • 1 x Commando 24 shots, green, purple, blue, silver, red, white and crackles.
  • 1 x Ground Attack 16 shots, red, white, green, crackling, blue, white and purple.
  • 1 x Lightening Strike 16 shots, red and green with crackle.
  • 1 x Armed Combat 16 shots, green with crackle.
  • 1 x Battleship 16 shots, red, white, green, purple and silver crackle.

    Minimum viewing distance = 25m.
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