Demolition barrage pack
An awesome barrage pack from Benwell fireworks consisting of 9 20 shot cakes with 3 different kinds of effects including :

Effect 1. Lemon, blue, purple and green pearls with white glitter and chrysanthemums

Effect 2. Red and green tails bursting into red and blue peony, green glitter and red crackling coconuts

Effect 3. Green and red tails bursting into red and green peony, green glitter and blue crackling pearls

These fireworks are classed as category 2 fireworks so they have a recommended safety distance of at least 8 metres from the firework.

  • Number Of Shots:20
  • Tube Size:25 mm od 20 mm id
  • Dimensions:125 x 100 x 120mm
  • NEC:136-140 grams
  • CE Category:2
  • 9 x 20 shot cakes. 3 effects 3 pieces of each

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