Daytime fireworks Gala Extraveganza
Fantastic set of ten daytime fireworks with coloured smoke efects, parachutes and silver glitter sparkles.

Confetti Blast : 30 Shots

Effects red, purple and blue smoke trail with confetti burst.

Trail Streaker : 25 Shots Fan

Effects : red, yellow, green purple and blue smoke trail in a brilliant fan effect.

Colourful Carousel : 20 Shots

Effects : Double red, white and blue parachutes with mini plain flags.

Calypso Rise : 20 Shots

Effects : Red, orange and blue smoke trail with crackling burst.

Sky Celebraiton : 19 Shots

Effects : Red white and blue colour parachutes from alternating tubes followed by large red, white and blue parachutes.

Carnival spray : 30 Shots

Effects : Large crackling bursts with confetti shower.

Shimmering Suprise : 19 Shots

Effects : Whistling, crackling and glittering confetti with red, white and blue confetti streamers.

25 Metres safety distance
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