Electric Igniters / Matches
Professional e-match (electric match) igniter for igniting fireworks.

These igniters are the finest quality e-match from china

The have a high visibility orange wire, twisted pre-stripped wire ends for static electricity protection and a blue protective shroud over the e-match head.

These e-match igniters contain a small quantity of pyrotechnic material. They "pop" with a flame and emitt burning debris when an electrical current is passed through them.

They are the same type of e-match igniter used by professional firework display companies all over the world.

  • Wire Length: 2m.
    ? Wire colour: orange.
    ? Plastic Protective Shroud: Yes.
    ? Pre Stripped Wires: Yes.
    ? All Fire Current: 0.5 Amps.
    ? No Fire Current: 50mA
    ? Recommended Voltage: 6v +
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