Talon Igniters for visco fuse
These electric igniters / e-matches are for igniting almost any consumer firework. In combination with our firing systems they allow you to remotely fire a firework show.

Each igniter clips securely to the visco delay fuse of a firework. They are very reliable and do not contain any pyrotechnic material. We can ship them anywhere in the world at low cost.

These are single use devices. Once they burn out and ignite the firework, they must be discarded.

How do they work? These unique igniters incorporate a "clothespin" type connector that clips to the fuse. When electric current (6-48V @ 2-.5A) passes through the igniter, the wire element inside the clip glows white-hot and lights the fuse. There is no flame, only a very hot glowing element. igniters were specifically designed to light "Visco" fuse; i.e. the "green" fuse found on most fireworks pieces, but they will ignite every type of fuse, including Quickmatch, Blackmatch, Sticky-Match, etc. And best of all, since they contain NO pyro material they can be purchased, shipped, possessed and stored without any special permits!!

What type of equipment do I need? Any type you want! Simple or sophisticated! You can utilize the igniters with most firing systems, wired and remote, amateur and professional. They are rated at 6V-12V @ 2A-0.5A respectively. You can even use a simple battery or a battery and nail board, an array of simple toggle switches, etc. There are also many different types of remote firing systems on the market, including on our web site.
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