3 Pack of Cube mines
As part of our fabulous summer sale we are offering a massive 54% discount off the retail price of these stunning cube mines.

These are limited stock so please hurry as they are selling fast.

The Mine of Diamonds from cube fireworks has splendid ear splitting whistles which are a prelude to the huge blast of crackling mines and crackling peonys which explode like diamonds in the sky. A very loud and very beautiful mine.

The Mine of Fire form Cube fireworks begins with a massive fire wall with ear splitting whistles which suddenly explodes with huge red bouquets lighting up the sky. A amazing fantastic firework.

The amazing mine if ice from cube fireworks starts with a massive fire wall with ear splitting whistles leading to a huge blast of blue stars.

These mines are a fantastic addition to any fireworks party or are just as good to be used on their own and at these prices we are practically giving them away.
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