10-175 Snakebite
100 Shot Fan Barrage

One of the most amazing fireworks ever ? This firework is fantastic with stunning effects.

One of the first things you'll notice with Snake Bite is the spread across the sky that you get from the fan on this cake, it really does fan to the extreme, so make sure you have plenty of room when firing this beast!.

It fires 10 shots on each row at the same time first bursting to red dahlia stars with white glitter, then green pearls to blue and golden flower willows. Afterwards blue pearls burst into a green dahlia burst with red strobe glitter, followed by a red willow spread with golden glitter. Finally a stunning volley of red pearls which explode to a purple dahlia burst and a silver chrysanthemum crackle. This cake cannot fail to impress the biggest of crowds!

(A) Red dahlia and white glitter
(B) Green to titanium flower willow and blue pearls
(C) Blue to green dahlia and red glitter
(D) Yellow to gold and gold glitter
(E) red to purple dahlia and chrysanthemum

25 Metres safety distance
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