Caged Panther Pro
This barrage has been designed to be similar to the caged tiger pro but available for a smaller budget. Shots are fired in straight and V formation with a huge variety of colours and effects. If you want a firework with the same power and quality as the caged tiger but at a lower cost then this ones for you.

66 shot barrage with fanned tubes.

Effects: Blue tai/wave willow bursts with blue stars
Green tail/spider king burst with green stars
Red tail/red palm burst with chrysanthemums
Silver tail with silver blinks burst
Green tail/green palm burst with chrysanthemums
Red tail/titanium golden palm burst with red blinks
Blue tail/silver palm burst with chrysanthemums,
Red tail/red star bursts with silver blinks
Red tail/purple palm bursts with chrysanthemums
Wave willow with green blinks, wave willow mine

Wave willow burst with chrysanthemums
Noise Rating: 8/10
Duration: 1min 00sec
Cat 3 - 1.3G - 25 metre minimum viewing distance

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