Sky Hacker
Palm Bursts, Star Bursts, Zig Zag Shots, Crackling, Volleys & Glitter.
85 Shots.

This is a serious contender of one of the best single ignition barrages we've seen for a while. The Sky Hacker has 85 powerful shots which starts with straight up coloured bursts to golden spiders with blue tails to gold spiders with blue stars and blue tails to gold spiders and glitter. V-firing with silver tails to silver coconut and crackling. W-firing section of green tails to gold chrysanthemums either side of the red tails to big brocade crowns. Z-firing of blue bursts to large golden brocade and just when you think it's finished it fires two volleys of silver glitter and titanium salute.

Full sequence of firing - A:Green tail to gold spider with blue pearls? B:Blue tail to gold spider with gold glittering? C:Silver tail to silver coconut with crackling stars? D:Red tail to brocade crown; E:Green tail to gold chrysanthemum F:Blue tail to flower crown? G:Silver tail to titanium thunder and white glittering

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