Scorpio Rising
Scorpio Rising has been designed as fan effect firework which means that instead of just fireing straight up this firework will spread out across the sky producing a much larger firework effect.

This is part of the premium Black Cat Fireworks Gold Collection. The Gold Collection are the very best in pyro entertainment with more vivid colours and longer lasting effects. There are a wide variety of effects in Scorpio Rising, some quiet, some noisy but all outstanding.

The display starts off softly with silver comet stars that burst in to wriggling tadpoles then as the show moves on it changes to various kinds of effects including huge golden palms and the noise level also increases. The final volley of shots produces a massive sky filling crackling effect.

Duration (approx.): 55 sec
Shots: 55

Fanned effects fired 5 at a time
Starting with quiet silver comet bursts into swimming silver fish with blue bursts
Louder crackling brocade bursts with gold glitter spreads
Green and purple star burst volleys into finale of large crackling snow white palm bursts which dissolve to champagne bubbles

Part of the Black Cat 'Gold Collection'

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