Blue ring pull smoke grenade
Blue ring pull smoke grenade.

This is latest generation wire-pull cold-burning smoke grenade by Enola Gaye. It is one of the most advanced smoke grenades ever made that is developed around a military grade ignition system, this new WIRE PULL smoke grenade is simple yet effective and produces a high volume of smoke for approximately 90 seconds. Since this smoke grenade is "cold-burning", you can safely hold this grenade with your hand while it is ignited.

Ideal for photography and film use.

This Smoke Grenade is ideal for paintball and airsoft game scenarios where cover is sparse & the opposition may have the upper hand. Deploy this smoke grenade and you can flip the tables creating cover and obscuring the opposition’s visibility. Once you have removed the protective cap, pull the ring sharply to the side of the unit and let the grenade go to work. Available in our full range of 7 colours with new colours in development, Enola Gaye offer you the ultimate tools to launch your tactical assault.

Bright colours, thick smoke & long burn, Enola Gaye is the Daddy of smoke grenades. Enola Gaye smoke grenades will help remove the oppositions line of sight, blur their vision, create cover and help you move forward to take victory. So whether you want disorientating blue smoke or a large blood red cloud of smoke striking fear into your opponents, we have what you need.

Blue: Semi-transparent deep blue smoke spews and hisses from the Enola Gaye Large Blue Smoke Grenade creating confusion and obscuring you from view.

The Blue ring pull Smoke Grenade range is designed to be a P1 product; translated this means that you do not need to have experience in the use of pyrotechnics, you can simply read the instructions and go to work.


Compact Cold-Burning Smoke Grenade
Advance Military Grade Wire-Pull Ring Ignition System
Cold-Burning means this grenade does not get hot and is safe to touch with your hands while burning
Emits 20,000 cuft of Dense BLUE Smoke for ~80 seconds
Excellent for video effects, photography, Paintball, Airsoft or for Special Effects
Dimensions: 130mm X 40mm
Weight: 120g


We will not accept any liability or be held responsibile for any damages or injuries.
Handle with extra care, do not subject this item to grinding, shock or direction.
Do not throw this smoke grenade at people or animals

Any technical or performance figures listed are based on a spot test we performed at a given point in time. These may vary WILDLY because of random alterations made by the manufacturer from batch to batch, gas pressure, ambient temperature, battery charge and so on. Some of the figures therefore should be treated as a very loose guide or indication only, based on the spot tests we have performed. The images and product contents listed are again based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer.
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