EG18 High output smoke grenade Red
The EG18 Smoke Grenade range from Enola Gaye is the most powerful high output somke grenade in the range designed to military spec pyro.

Whilst this product is aimed at the photographic, paintball, and video industry it bellows out a massive amount of smoke similar of that to a M18 military smoke grenade.

The EG18 high output smoke grenades have a huge colour range with 8 colours available.

The EG18 smoke is the favoured product for professional airsoft players and teams and people working in the photographic or video industry.

All EG18 smoke grenades are fitted with Wire Pull™ igniters for easy ignition.

The EG18 Red Smoke grenade has been designed for the more professional user, giving a much higher output of red smoke. The Red EG18 will paint the sky red; if you’re looking to blot the sun out with a canopy of red shade, then you are knocking on the right door. This product is easy to use, pull the pin sideways and go to work; as soon as the ring has been pulled, red smoke will fill the air for up to 2 minutes.

The EG18 red Smoke Grenade range is designed to be a P1 product; translated this means that you do not need to have experience in the use of pyrotechnics, you can simply read the instructions and go to work.

Product specifications

  • Fuse Delay: Approx 2 seconds
  • Effect: High Output red Smoke – Single Vent
  • Effect Colour: red Smoke
  • Ignition Type: Enola Gaye Wire Pull™
  • Composition: Weight 100 grams
  • Size: 55 mm diameter x 112 mm high
  • Water Resistant Outer: Yes / Partial*
  • Cloud Density: 10/10**
  • Smoke Expel Speed: 7/10**


    • Pyrotechnic Article
    • For persons of 18 years and over ONLY.
    • Safety Distance = 1 m
    • Wear eye and hand protection
    • Keep away from sources of heat, sparks and open
    flames • Do Not use near easily flammable material e.g. fuel, tinder dry foliage.

    Warnings :

    DO NOT throw at animals.
    • The manufacturer will not accept liability whatsoever where these pyrotechnics are misused or where the product has been tampered with and/or customised.
    • Handle with Care, Do Not subject to grinding, shock or friction.
    • Device gets HOT do not pick up within 10 minutes after the device has stopped functioning.
    • Do Not Use in Public or Sports Places without the proper authorisation.

    Misfire & Disposal

    Misfire: Do not return to it or pick up for at least 5 minutes. Soak in a bucket of water to await disposal.

    Disposal: Submerge in a bucket of water to allow the water to enter the product. Leave soaking outside in a secure area for a minimum of 48 hours. Dispose of the water waste and the solid waste(s) separately and in accordance with local, regional or national regulations.
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