EG 18 Pink
High output purple smoke grenade perfect for video or photography work. This single vented high output smoke grenade has been specifically designed to mimic that of an M18 Military smoke but with a cooler burn, smaller price tag and without the toxic fumes you get with the military version. Full instructions are printed on the side of the product, so even your new hamster could operate this… The PINK EG18 HIGH OUTPUT SMOKE GRENADE is fitted with a Wire Pull igniter for easy ignition.

The EG18 pink Smoke Grenade range is designed to be a P1 product; translated this means that you do not need to have experience in the use of pyrotechnics, you can simply read the instructions and go to work.

IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE SMOKE GRENADES IN SPORTS OR FOOTBALL STADIUMS. Our products are not designed for use in these environments and we do everything to ensure the prevention of misuse.

This high output smoke grenade lasts for up to 2 minutes and will cover a large area in thick Pink smoke.
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