Excelsior by Black Cat
Great new compound barrage from Black Cat Fireworks simple and easy to use just place on a flat surface, light the fuse and be amazed.

This new compound cake has a plethora of effects which include fanned silver comets trace "Z" in the skies with coloured stars, brocade comets then deliver beautiful brocade shellbursts. Silver spinners follow with dragon chrysanthemums and crackle mines. A flurry of coloured shellbursts turn to an artistic "V" fired comets in green and purple crackling splendour that lead to a finale of brocade shellbursts.

Display Fireworks: 8 metres spectator distance. (25 metres recommended)

Duration (approx.): 107 secs.

Shots: 186

Size: 507mm x 364mm x 215mm
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