Giant Glitter Cannon
There are many special effects that can be achieved with glitter and confetti cannons that can make a memorable finale to any Corporate Event, Party or wedding.

Giant Glitter Cannon Multicolour:

When a current is put through the wire the cannon produces a bang, followed by a cascade of metallic glitter trips, projected to a height of approximately 8 metres. The metallic glitter is made of strips of brightly multi coloured plastic coated foil called mylar which twist, turn and glitter in the light as they float slowly to the ground.

1. The higher you get the cannon in the air the longer the effect will last.
2. If you can shine bright par lights at the cascading glitter the effect is of millions of bright lights falling through the air

This product can be used with any system that allows the use of wired pyrotechnics.

These confetti and glitter cannons are a professional pyrotechnic product and they should be used in conjunction with your existing hardware, mounted in angled pods or lighting trusses, although these cannons can be used in many different ways remember if you have any doubts as to the use of them please call our shop and discuss your requirements with one of our friendly advisors.

Confetti makes any event more Colourful, Dazzling, Exciting, Memorable and most of all . . . FUN
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