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Q. What sort of fireworks can I buy and what do they do?

A. We have a huge range available that will provide something for everyone. We sell selection packs that give you a ready made display, special single ignition fireworks to give a spectacular, shorter effect, rocket only packs, mines, catherine wheels Roman candles and many more. Of course we also create tailor made displays to meet your exact needs. Our fireworks guide will give you all the information that you require.

Q. Why should i buy fireworks from manchester fireworks.

A: Manchester Fireworks has an excellent reputation in the north west area for providing high quality and low priced fireworks for any event or party.

Q. Are there restrictions on where fireworks can be used?

A. You can use fireworks on privately owned ground provided you have permission to do so and that it is a suitable site. You can use our safety guide to help check this. If you wish to use public or common land you must obtain permission from the landowner concerned e.g. Local Authority.

Q. Are there restrictions on when I can let off fireworks?

A. You can use any of the fireworks that we supply you at any time of the year. You should not fire any fireworks after 11.00pm and not before 7.00am in the morning. The exceptions to this are New Years Day, Chinese New Year and Diwali when the time is extended to 1.00am. Please always be considerate to neighbours and ensure that you follow our safety guide.

Q. What services does Manchester Fireworks provide.

Manchester Fireworks provides a full professional firework display service forweddings, civil ceremonies and birthday parties you can also buy fireworks online from our online shop or call in to our manchester fireworks shop which is open all year round.

Q. How old do I need to be to purchase fireworks?

A: We only sell fireworks to persons over the age of 18. The recipient will be required to sign for items on delivery and will need to be over 18 in order to obtain the goods. It is illegal to sell fireworks to persons under the age of 18.

Q.: Aren't some fireworks illegal now?

A: Yes they are and for different reasons. Suffice it to say that you should only buy from reputable licensed companies like Manchester Fireworks. Please avoid back street operators for your and everybody else's safety. We will only sell you fireworks that comply with BS7114.2.88. Fireworks that do not comply with this standard must not be sold to or be in possession of the general public. Q .Do I need a licence to fire the fireworks?

A. No there is no licence required to allow you to fire the fireworks that we supply you.

Q. Ive seen some american firecrackers on the net. Theyre tubes of about 200 firecrackers that go off all at once. Are these legal in the UK?

A.Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately, fireworks such as firecrackers and airbombs are no longer available to the general public in the UK.

Q. Why are some small shop fireworks labelled as display fireworks?

It is an unfortunate shortfall of British Standards that any firework likely to produce sparks falling more than three metres away have to be labelled as display fireworks. There is little that can be done until such time that British Standards is superseded by a European standard or the European standard bites the dust and British Standards can be revised

Q. What is the best way of photographing and filming fireworks ?

This is a question that many of our customers have asked over the years at Manchester Fireworks so we have provided a special section in our website for information about filming fireworks

Q. How safe is it for me to use the large display fireworks from your range?

A. In short, provided that you adhere strictly to the guidelines in our safety guide they are just like any other fireworks that you may have used. Holding a really exciting display is well within everyone's capability. Remember though that fireworks must never be misused and the safety of everyone involved is of the highest priority.

Q. Where should I store fireworks?

A. Ensure that all fireworks are stored out of the reach of children, in a cool and dry place. Also ensure fireworks are kept away from materials that could be classed as a fire hazard.

Q: The label on my fireworks say the safety distance is 8 meters instead of 5 - so what category are they?

A: All fireworks imported in to the UK have in the past had to meet the British Standard number BS 7114. However, there is now a new European standard number BS EN 14035 which the UK is adopting. It is these fireworks which have increased the safety distance from 5m to 8m for Category 2 fireworks

Q. How much space do I need ?

A: To carry out a display safely you will need a large area which is clear of buildings, trees and any other hazards. Manchester Fireworks will reccomend a safety distance of at least 25 metres distance between spectators and the nearest firework( 30 metres minimum recommended ), and a drop zone to the sides and rear of the firing area where debris and rocket sticks can fall safely. please see our setting up a display section of our websitefor more information

Q: How safe are your fireworks?

A: Safety is our number one priority. All Fireworks from Manchester Fireworks are fully tested and complies with British Standard, (BS 7114, Part 2, 1988).

Q. How long is it safe to store fireworks for?

A. As long as fireworks are stored correctly there is no reason why they should not last for a number of years. If you are in any doubt, do not light the firework and dispose of it accordingly.

Q. What do I do with a dud firework?

A. In the rare event that a firework does not light follow these safety tips. Do not return to the firework. Instead soak the firework thoroughly in water to ensure the chemical composition is destroyed.

Q. The firework instructions state that I must ensure the firework cannot fall over. How do I do this?

A: Roman candles and fountains can be pushed into soft soil. Larger roman candles should be secured to a wooden stake. The stake should be on the audience side of the firework so that if anything goes wrong the firework will fall away from the audience. For a garden display you could secure to an upright stake a length of stout cardboard tube or a short length of plastic pipe about an inch or so wide. You can then place a roman candle into the tube and light it. When spent, remove it and place the next one in the tube. Never use a metal tube for this purpose!

Any firework cake except those that are quite squat are prone to flip over due to the recoil of the shots. This tends to happen towards the end of the fireworks functioning when it is light on one side and heavy on the other. The instructions state that they should be attached to an upright stake and that you should ensure the firework cannot fall over. If you go to the training day section of our web site you will see a photo of how we do this. Any convenient wooden stake can be used and the firework secured to it with gaffer tape. Note the stake goes on the audience side so if the firework does explode or fall over it will point away from the audience. You can put the firework in a poly bag to waterproof it and mark the position of the fuse with an arrow. The firework will fire through the polythene. Securing the firework also helps to keep the tubes together should there be a malfunction. Some cakes from other manufacturers will state that they should be partly buried in soft soil.

Another method is to use a hard base such as a sheet of wood or paving slab and position bricks or blocks around the fireworks to prevent it falling over. This way you can bring out one firework at a time without having to secure the whole lot.

Q. Can I set off any firework in my garden?

A: If your garden is over 25meters in length, then it is suitable for setting off any consumer firework, (category 2 and category 3).

If your garden is less than 25 meters but greater than 5 meters in length you can set of any category 2 fireworks.

If your garden is less than 5 meter in length there is no outdoor firework suitable for your garden, (except sparklers).

Q: Can I set fireworks off in the rain?

A. Yes, but ensure you protect the fuse from getting wet otherwise you may have difficulty lighting the firework. Also ensure that the firework is protected from any strong winds as this may also inhibit your ability to light fireworks.

For information about waterproofing your fireworks please see our setting up a display guide

Q. Does it matter if it's windy ?

A: Yes it most certainly does. Windy conditions make firing a display extremely hazardous, (even for the professional) do not be tempted to fire a display in strong winds, even though you may be under pressure to do so, it just simply is never worth the risk. Never fire a display in more than a light breeze, we suggest you 'test' fire a rocket before the show to see where the wind drift will take it. and where the stick will fall

Q. Is it safe to transport fireworks in my car?

A: It is perfectly safe to transport Class 1.4g Fireworks in your car or van. Up to 75 kg may be transported in a private passenger vehicle. As a precaution, keep the fireworks in the boot or under the seat, i.e., out of the direct sunlight. A cardboard box is often most convenient for transport and handling

Q. Can I light a number of fireworks all at once?

A:No. This is very dangerous and should be avoided at all times. Single ignition fireworks are the safest and most convenient way to produce the perfect display.

Q. What is the difference between the types of firework effect?

With so many firework effects it is easy to become confused between crossettes and chrysanthemums! You can learn more about the different types on our firework effects page.

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