Solar Flare Igniters
SFI (Solar Flare Igniters) are the latest generation of award winning professional non pyro igniters. They are safe, reliable and cost effective. These igniters are intended to ignite professional quickmatch / blackmatch fuse.

Why Use Solar Flare Igniters?

Electric pyrogen firework igniters have been used by the fireworks industry from the very beginning of electric ignition. Pyrogen firework igniters by nature of their composition are sensitive to impact and friction. This has resulted in numerous accidental ignitions, including far too many fatalities. With pyrogen igniters it is not safe to install at the warehouse and then ship to the site due to these risks of accidental ignition.

The introduction of the non-pyrogen igniter eliminates these hazards. Solar Flare Igniters contain no pyrogen material whatsoever and are completely insensitive to impact and friction.

Advantages of Solar Flare Igniters:

√ Eliminate the danger of accidental ignition due to friction and impact.

√ Ship them easily. These firework ignitors ship as copper wire, not dangerous goods. Ship by courier anywhere in the world, even pack them in your luggage.

√ Work more efficiently. The ignitor's patented locking clip grips the quickmatch securely and completely seals the blackmatch from stray spark ignition. No more taping the connection.

√ Work faster. Solar Flare Igniters install faster than pyrogen electric igniters.

√ Do a better job. Install on the fireworks at your warehouse and then ship to the show site. You'll save time and be able prepare the show in a more controlled environment.

Note about the Firework Ignition System

Since Solar Flare Igniters are pure electrical igniters with no pyrogen, you may not be able to fire as many in a single circuit as pyrogen igniters. We recommend testing with your own firing equipment to determine the maximum number of SFIs that will be fired by it.

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