Nebula Storm
Delightful 16 shot cake from Total FX fireworks with a nice range of bright and beautiful effects.

As always you must maintain a safe distance when using any fireworks in your own garden and make sure that the firework is properly secured and that it can not fall over. The recommended distance is 25 metres, and there is a full instruction guide on the outside of the barrage. This is a 1.4g class firework.

Its difficult to know what any firework is going to look like without actually lighting it. To see exactly what the Nebula Storm Cake firework looks like watch a video of the display here.

16 Shot Barrage(25mm-straight format)

Duration: 30secs(approx)

Effects: Gold glitter, willow waterfall, red peony, green crossettes.

Cat 3 Firework (1.4G) - 25m Viewing Distance

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