80cm Colour Confetti Cannon
Perfect for Weddings, party's or any celebration event - simply twist the bottom of the confetti cannon to release a huge burst of colourful confetti in to the sky.

The paper used in the multi - colour confetti cannon is 100% bio degradable.

Our cannons add a great fun effect for any event and will not leave you disappointed.

These are a non firework product that uses compressed gas so they are great to use in venues where fireworks are not allowed.

Our cannons are made for professional use and are now available to everybody, they are powered using a small cylinder of nitrogen and are therefore very powerful.

Create a spectacular explosion of colour at your next big celebration with a handheld confetti cannon and give your guests an experience they'll never forget!

How to set up and fire a disposable handheld confetti launcher:

  • Holding the unit upright, carefully remove the top seal

  • Hold the top half of launcher tightly
    Make sure that the confetti cannon is not pointed at people or animals.

  • Twist the bottom of the launcher sharply to the left to release the confetti.
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