13-009 Ice Fountains for champagne bottles and cakes
These small indoor fireworks really add something special to a celebration cake. They're just like any fountain you see in conventional outdoor fireworks, except this fountain is specially designed to be used indoors.

Description of Effects: Delight your guests with shooting stars! This is a specially constructed, safe form of sparkler which gives a spectacular display when lit. The non-toxic composition lights immediately, sending out brilliant streams of sparkles, bringing any celebration to a dazzling climax & ensuring your guests return.

The fountain burns for 30 seconds but is not hot enough to damage the cake you put it on.

Ice fountaines are perfect for clubs whether a flamboyant cocktail, a magnum of champagne or an occasion to shout about, the partying public often likes to be seen and acknowledged and our products will not disappoint. A vast number of nightclubs in Manchester and throughout the UK are supplying our Ice Fountains with all their champagne sales as well as our glow products cannons and mini sparklers.
We supply a large range of bars and pubs umbrellas and olive sticks are a thing of bygone eras whereas add a glamorous and dramatic touch. Our products are currently being used in a large number of reputable wine and cocktail bars with champagne sales vastly increased.

Guaranteed to make a lasting impression, our ice fountains are a specially constructed and safe form of indoor fountain, which generate a stunning jet of sparkles when lit

The non-toxic and virtually smoke free composition lights immediately and creates a brilliant stream of glittering light, sure to impress and set the scene

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