13-011 Mystical Fire
This amazing powder turns an ordinary fire into a multi coloured display of flames!

Remember when you threw newspapers and magazines into the fire and the flames turned green, blue or red ? and it was really cool?

Well, this amazing powder is designed to do just that! Based on the coloured chemicals that fireworks use, this ( non explosive) powder turns a boring old fire into a amazing array of colours!

It's a unique way to enjoy a brilliant display of colourful flames on a wood burning fire.

For best results simply throw 1-3 packages on any indoor/outdoor wood burning fire to create a colourful mystical display.

Perfect for Christmas, for parties, fire pits, and beach fires (where allowed) etc.


1 x 25 gram sachet of Mystical fire powder.

Please note: this product, as with all fire related products, needs to be used with care. The chemicals involved must not be ingested. You must wash you hands after use. Do not use this item on any fire that is to be used for cooking or eating. Do not inhale the smoke from the fire, with or without this powder added.

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