13-014 Silly String
Crazy string is a coloured, string like substance that is shot from an aerosol can. Great fun for parties and weddings and Xmas!

Great fun for kids parties and birthdays !!!

Each can is 3.5 oz and priced at ?1.50 per can and comes in the following colours: * Red * Blue * Green * Purple * Pink * Yellow

1) It sprays continuous and does no harm to skin, no dust to clothes.
2) Party string can be applied on all kinds of occasions as wedding Christmas, Birthday partes.
3) Party string is driven by compressed air.
4) The component is resin.
5) It's suitable for any person, easy to use and safety.

1) Contents are harmless but should still not be inhaled or swallowed
2) Keep out of direct sunlight and do not expose spray

Silly String is a flexible, brightly-colored plastic string, which is shot as a stream of liquid from an aerosol can. The string sets quickly in mid-air, allowing one to shoot a seemingly-endless strand of it. Silly String is popular for usage during weddings, birthday parties, school carnivals and other festive occasions. Silly String was introduced in 1969 by the world renowned entrepreneur Julius S?mann, the inventor of pine-tree-shaped air fresheners for cars.

It is polymer-based, likely on a polystyrene dissolved in solvent that evaporates in the air and acts as a foaming agent. The pressure in the can propels the mixture a distance of up to 10 feet. Silly String is also occasionally sold as "webbing fluid" in Spider-Man costumes. Silly String and similar products have long been used by American and British forces to detect tripwires for explosive booby traps. To use it in this manner, the soldier stands in the doorway and sprays the material over the suspect area. If the string falls to the ground there are no tripwires. However, if there is a tripwire, the string will be suspended in the air without pulling the wire. As of 2006 it is being used by U.S. troops in Iraq for this purpose. Unlike earlier versions of Silly String, Manchester Fireworks sells Silly String that is CFC free

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