Thunderball Compound by Black Cat
Thunderball Compound by Black Cat.

A fast-paced 168 shot compound firework featuring an amazing array of effects and colours. The show starts with fast flowing firings of red tails rising to silver spider bursts with red and blue stars and purple and green stars. This is followed by fanned firings of gold tails from right to left and left to right, leading to a sky full of red umbrella bursts with silver glitter and yellow and purple bursts with green glitter.

Gorgeous gold comet tails lead to giant gold palm bursts with green glitter and blue stars. Gold comet tails rise in a W-shaped pattern, leading to a combination of gold palm bursts through the middle and purple, green and silver chrysanthemum bursts at each side.

Red tails rise and burst into huge white glitter willow with blue stars, followed by the adrenaline inducing finale showcasing fanned red and green glitter mine rising to red and green glitter bursts with sky filling silver chrysanthemum and giant gold spider bursts.

Number of Shots: 168
Duration: 1 minutes 30 seconds
Noise: High
Safety Distance: 25m
Direction of Fire: Fanned
NEC (Net Explosive Content): 2952 grams

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