Waterloo by Total FX
Waterloo Compound by Total FX.

Red blinks, green blinks, silver blinks, golden blinks. Brocade crown with blue star. Brocade crown with green star. Brocade crown with red strobe. Brocade crown with white strobe. Brocade crown with chrysanthemum. Blue tail up burst brocade crown king with blue stars, red tail up burst red peony, green tail up burst green peony, blue tail up burst blue dahlia, red palm with chrysanthemum, silver tail up burst silver blinks, green tail up burst green blinks, red tail up burst red blinks, green palm with chrysanth.

Number of Shots: 246
Duration: 2 minute 30 Seconds
Noise: 9/10
Safety Distance: 25m
Direction of Fire: Fanned

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