EG 25 Micro Smoke - White
Smaller version of the WP40 smoke grenade from Enola gaye producing 30 seconds of white smoke. This smoke flare is operated by a ring pull and will start producing smoke as soon as the pin is pulled out.

Perfect for video shoots where only a small amount of smoke is required.

Using a white smoke effect looks great mixed with other colours and can add an extra sense of depth to a picture or video.

The EG25 offers you a compact easy to use unit with a considerable output but for only 30 seconds. More than enough time to get that killer shot leaving you breathing space to plan your next one.

Enola Gaye smoke grenades sold at Manchester Fireworks are the best that you can buy - We have done extensive testing of these products and use them regularly when we are doing special effects productions.

They are perfect for a variety of uses which can include video and photography especially music videos and weddings and also special effects for making movies of outdoor live events.

Please be aware that smoke grenades are classed as a pyrotechnic article and can not be used in a public place and are only legal to be used on private property.
Smoke grenades and flares can not be sent by post as they are classed as pyrotechnics and must be collected from our Manchester shop.

Wholesale smoke grenades and flares

We are the main distributer for enola gaye smoke grenades in the North West and supply many local enterprises smoke grenades and flares at wholesale prices.

We sell smoke grenades and flares at wholesale prices for larger ammounts. If you are looking for wholesale prices for smoke grenades and flares please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

If you have a large wedding and you are looking for more than 10 pcs we will be able to do you a much better price. The more smoke flares and grenades that you buy - The better the price that we can do for you.
If you see any of our smoke products on other websites with a cheaper price give us a call and we will see what we can do for you - We will always try to provide the very best possible price for smoke grenades and flares.

Technical Specifications for smoke flares

  • Fuse Delay: Approx 2 seconds
  • Effect Duration: Approximately 30 Seconds**
  • Effect Colour: blue Smoke
  • Type: Enola Gaye Wire Pull™
  • : Weight 40 grams
  • : 38mm diameter x 120mm high
  • Water Resistant Outer: Yes / Partial*
  • Density: 7/10**
  • Smoke Expel Speed: 10/10**

    Safety: Warnings:

    • Pyrotechnic Article
    • For persons of 18 years and over ONLY.
    • Safety Distance = 0.5 m
    • Wear eye and hand protection
    • Keep away from sources of heat, sparks and open flames
    • Do Not use near easily flammable material e.g. fuel, tinder dry foliage.
    • DO NOT throw at animals.
    • The manufacturer will not accept liability whatsoever where these pyrotechnics are misused or where the product has been tampered with and/or customised.
    • Handle with Care, Do Not subject to grinding, shock or friction.
    • Device gets HOT do not pick up within 5 minutes after the device has stopped functioning.
    • Do Not Use in Public or Sports Places without the proper authorisation
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